Andy Smith Darts Betting Odds

Andy Smith Betting Market History and Betting on Andy Smith in Future Darts Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
31/12/2014PDC World Championship 2015To Win OutrightAndy Smith1000/11000/1
31/12/2014PDC World Championship 2015To Reach the FinalAndy Smith400/1400/1
31/12/2014PDC World Championship 2015 2nd QuarterTo Win QuarterAndy Smith33/133/1
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsMatch WinnerAndy Smith10/1110/11
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsCorrect Set ScoreAndy Smith to win 3-015/415/4
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsTo Win First SetAndy Smith5/65/6
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsHandicap 2-WayAndy Smith7/47/4
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsHighest CheckoutAndy Smith5/65/6
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsDouble ResultAndy Smith (1 Sets) - Andy Smith9/29/2
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsFirst Set Correct ScoreAndy Smith to win 3-04/14/1
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsMost 180'sAndy Smith7/57/5
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsPlayer 180'sAndy Smith - Over8/158/15
20/12/2014Smith vs HuybrechtsFirst 180Andy Smith10/1110/11