Phil Taylor 3.5 Darts Betting Odds

Phil Taylor 3.5 Betting Market History and Betting on Phil Taylor 3.5 in Future Darts Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
04/01/2016PDC World Championship 2016To Win OutrightPhil Taylor11/44/1
26/07/2015World Matchplay 2015To Win OutrightPhil Taylor10/310/3
21/05/2015Premier League DartsTo Win OutrightPhil Taylor9/49/1
21/05/2015Premier League DartsTo Finish BottomPhil Taylor50/1200/1
21/05/2015Premier League DartsTop 4 FinishPhil Taylor1/51/3
21/05/2015Premier League DartsTo Be RelegatedPhil Taylor22/150/1
21/05/2015Premier League DartsRegular Season WinnerPhil Taylor11/44/1
21/05/2015Premier League DartsMost Tournament 180'sPhil Taylor1/120/1
17/05/2015Players Championship 10 2015 - Taylor vs TabernMatch WinnerPhil Taylor1/61/6
17/05/2015Players Championship 10 2015 - Taylor vs BatesMatch WinnerPhil Taylor1/71/7
17/05/2015Players Championship 10 2015To Win OutrightPhil Taylor10/34/1
16/05/2015Players Championship 9 2015To Win OutrightPhil Taylor4/14/1
14/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 15Player with Highest CheckoutPhil Taylor11/211/2
14/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 15Most 180's in WeekPhil Taylor11/111/1
14/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 15Game with Highest Checkout on WeekPhil Taylor v James Wade13/513/5
14/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 15Game with Most 180s on WeekPhil Taylor v James Wade9/19/1
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeMatch ResultPhil Taylor8/114/5
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeCorrect Leg ScorePhil Taylor to win 7-013/213/2
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeTo Win First LegPhil Taylor2/52/5
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeMatch Winner (2-way)Phil Taylor2/52/5
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeHandicap 2-WayPhil Taylor6/56/5
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeFirst Break of ThrowPhil Taylor1/11/1
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeHighest CheckoutPhil Taylor4/64/6
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeLead After (Legs)Phil Taylor after 411/1011/10
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeScore after 4 LegsPhil Taylor 4-015/815/8
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeScore After 6 LegsPhil Taylor 6-021/1021/10
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeDouble ResultPhil Taylor (6 Legs) - Phil Taylor5/15/1
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadePlayer 180'sPhil Taylor - Over5/65/6
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeFirst 180Phil Taylor8/118/11
14/05/2015Taylor vs WadeMost 180'sPhil Taylor20/2120/21
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonMatch ResultPhil Taylor5/45/4
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonCorrect Leg ScorePhil Taylor to win 7-015/215/2
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonMatch Winner (2-way)Phil Taylor4/54/5
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonHandicap 2-WayPhil Taylor2/12/1
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonTo Win First LegPhil Taylor1/21/2
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonFirst Break of ThrowPhil Taylor11/811/8
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonHighest CheckoutPhil Taylor5/65/6
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonLead After (Legs)Phil Taylor after 48/58/5
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonScore after 4 LegsPhil Taylor 4-012/512/5
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonScore After 6 LegsPhil Taylor 6-013/513/5
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonDouble ResultPhil Taylor (6 Legs) - Phil Taylor6/16/1
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonMost 180'sPhil Taylor21/1021/10
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonPlayer 180'sPhil Taylor - Over10/1110/11
07/05/2015Taylor vs AndersonFirst 180Phil Taylor11/1011/10
07/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 14Player with Highest CheckoutPhil Taylor5/15/1
07/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 14Most 180's in WeekPhil Taylor11/111/1
07/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 14Game with Highest Checkout on WeekPhil Taylor v Gary Anderson5/25/2
07/05/2015Premier League Darts - Week 14Game with Most 180s on WeekPhil Taylor v Gary Anderson12/512/5
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorMatch ResultPhil Taylor21/109/4
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorCorrect Leg ScorePhil Taylor to win 7-06/16/1
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorMatch Winner (2-way)Phil Taylor6/46/4
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorHandicap 2-WayPhil Taylor4/74/7
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorTo Win First LegPhil Taylor7/47/4
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorMost 180'sPhil Taylor9/49/4
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorPlayer 180'sPhil Taylor - Over10/1110/11
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorFirst Break of ThrowPhil Taylor8/118/11
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorHighest CheckoutPhil Taylor11/1011/10
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorLead After (Legs)Phil Taylor after 412/512/5
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorScore after 4 LegsPhil Taylor 4-03/13/1
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorScore After 6 LegsPhil Taylor 6-010/310/3
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorDouble ResultMichael van Gerwen (6 Legs) - Phil Taylor8/18/1
30/04/2015van Gerwen vs TaylorFirst 180Phil Taylor5/45/4
30/04/2015Premier League Darts - Week 13Player with Highest CheckoutPhil Taylor7/17/1
30/04/2015Premier League Darts - Week 13Most 180's in WeekPhil Taylor20/120/1
30/04/2015Premier League Darts - Week 13Game with Highest Checkout on WeekMichael van Gerwen v Phil Taylor3/13/1
30/04/2015Premier League Darts - Week 13Game with Most 180s on WeekMichael van Gerwen v Phil Taylor10/310/3