Ronnie Baxter Darts Betting Odds

Ronnie Baxter Betting Market History and Betting on Ronnie Baxter in Future Darts Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
04/01/2016PDC World Championship 2016To Win OutrightRonnie Baxter250/1250/1
15/03/2015Players Championship 2 2015To Win OutrightRonnie Baxter150/1150/1
14/03/2015Players Championship 1 2015To Win OutrightRonnie Baxter150/1150/1
08/03/2015UK Open 2015To Win OutrightRonnie Baxter125/1300/1
07/03/2015UK Open 2015 - Baxter vs DekkerMatch WinnerRonnie Baxter5/65/6
07/03/2015UK Open 2015 - Baxter vs DekkerCorrect Leg ScoreRonnie Baxter to win 9-07/17/1
07/03/2015UK Open 2015 - Baxter vs DekkerHandicap 2-WayRonnie Baxter5/45/4