Martin Laird Golf Betting Odds

Martin Laird Betting Market History and Betting on Martin Laird in Future Golf Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
22/07/20182018 Open ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird150/1150/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance OpenTo Win OutrightMartin Laird50/1125/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance OpenTop 5 FinishMartin Laird13/125/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance OpenTop 10 FinishMartin Laird9/211/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance OpenTop 20 FinishMartin Laird2/15/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance OpenTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird4/14/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance OpenTop EuropeanMartin Laird6/120/1
28/01/2018Farmers Insurance Open - Group D72 Hole GroupMartin Laird10/319/5
26/01/2018Farmers Insurance Open R 2 Holmes/ Laird/ Campbell3 BallsMartin Laird2/12/1
25/01/2018Farmers Insurance Open R 1 Holmes/ Laird/ Campbell3 BallsMartin Laird6/46/4
21/01/2018CareerBuilder Challenge - Group D72 Hole GroupMartin Laird4/14/1
21/01/2018CareerBuilder ChallengeTo Win OutrightMartin Laird50/166/1
21/01/2018CareerBuilder ChallengeTop 10 FinishMartin Laird5/16/1
21/01/2018CareerBuilder ChallengeTop 20 FinishMartin Laird2/13/1
21/01/2018CareerBuilder ChallengeTop 5 FinishMartin Laird10/112/1
21/01/2018CareerBuilder ChallengeTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird7/47/4
21/01/2018CareerBuilder ChallengeTop EuropeanMartin Laird6/18/1
20/01/2018Laird vs List - CareerBuilder Challenge R 32 BallsMartin Laird10/1110/11
19/01/2018List vs Laird - CareerBuilder Challenge R 22 BallsMartin Laird5/65/6
18/01/2018Laird vs List - CareerBuilder Challenge R 12 BallsMartin Laird1/11/1