Martin Laird Golf Betting Odds

Martin Laird Betting Market History and Betting on Martin Laird in Future Golf Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
22/07/20182018 Open ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird150/1150/1
19/11/2017The RSM ClassicTo Win OutrightMartin Laird66/166/1
19/11/2017The RSM ClassicTop EuropeanMartin Laird11/211/2
19/11/2017The RSM ClassicTop 5 FinishMartin Laird11/111/1
19/11/2017The RSM ClassicTop 10 FinishMartin Laird11/211/2
19/11/2017The RSM ClassicTop 20 FinishMartin Laird5/25/2
17/11/2017The RSM Classic R 2 Stallings/ Laird/ Teater3 BallsMartin Laird6/56/5
16/11/2017The RSM Classic R 1 Stallings/ Laird/ Teater3 BallsMartin Laird23/2023/20
16/11/2017The RSM Classic R 1 - JJ Spaun vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird1/11/1
12/11/2017OHL ClassicTo Win OutrightMartin Laird45/145/1
12/11/2017OHL ClassicTop 5 FinishMartin Laird15/215/2
12/11/2017OHL Classic1st Round LeaderMartin Laird45/145/1
12/11/2017OHL ClassicTop 10 FinishMartin Laird4/14/1
12/11/2017OHL ClassicTop 20 FinishMartin Laird6/46/4
12/11/2017OHL ClassicTop EuropeanMartin Laird7/17/1
12/11/2017OHL Classic - Group C72 Hole GroupMartin Laird18/54/1
11/11/2017OHL Classic 3rd Round - BSix ShooterMartin Laird10/310/3
10/11/2017OHL Classic 2nd Round - BSix ShooterMartin Laird5/15/1
09/11/2017OHL Classic 1st Round - ASix ShooterMartin Laird5/15/1
05/11/2017Laird vs Lovemark - Shriners Hospitals for Children Open72 Hole MatchMartin Laird10/1110/11
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children Open - Group C72 Hole GroupMartin Laird14/510/3
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children OpenTo Win OutrightMartin Laird30/140/1
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children OpenTop 5 FinishMartin Laird5/18/1
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children Open1st Round LeaderMartin Laird40/150/1
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children OpenTop 10 FinishMartin Laird11/44/1
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children OpenTop 20 FinishMartin Laird6/47/4
05/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children OpenTop EuropeanMartin Laird10/39/2
03/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children Open 2nd Round - BSix ShooterMartin Laird13/213/2
02/11/2017Shriners Hospitals for Children Open 1st Round - BSix ShooterMartin Laird9/29/2
08/10/2017Safeway Open R 4 Na/ Laird/ Burgoon3 BallsMartin Laird17/1017/10
08/10/2017Safeway Open R 4 - Webb Simpson vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird23/2023/20
08/10/2017Lovemark vs Laird - Safeway Open72 Hole MatchMartin Laird10/1110/11
08/10/2017Safeway Open - Group C72 Hole GroupMartin Laird17/519/5
08/10/2017Safeway OpenTo Win OutrightMartin Laird40/155/1
08/10/2017Safeway OpenTop 5 FinishMartin Laird7/19/1
08/10/2017Safeway Open1st Round LeaderMartin Laird45/160/1
08/10/2017Safeway OpenTop 10 FinishMartin Laird7/29/2
08/10/2017Safeway OpenTop 20 FinishMartin Laird13/812/5
08/10/2017Safeway OpenTop EuropeanMartin Laird11/106/1
07/10/2017Safeway Open R 3 Laird/ Cauley/ Hoge3 BallsMartin Laird7/57/5
07/10/2017Safeway Open R 3 - Martin Laird vs Bud Cauley18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird10/1110/11
06/10/2017Safeway Open R 2 - Bud Cauley vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird1/11/1
06/10/2017Safeway Open R 2 Laird/ Glover/ Hearn3 BallsMartin Laird17/1017/10
05/10/2017Safeway Open R 1 Laird/ Glover/ Hearn3 BallsMartin Laird6/46/4
05/10/2017Safeway Open R 1 - Lucas Glover vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird10/1110/11
05/10/2017Safeway Open 1st Round - ASix ShooterMartin Laird24/56/1
17/09/2017Murray vs Laird - BMW Championship R 42 BallsMartin Laird21/2021/20
17/09/2017BMW ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird250/1250/1
17/09/2017BMW ChampionshipTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird14/114/1
17/09/2017BMW ChampionshipTop EuropeanMartin Laird33/133/1
17/09/2017BMW ChampionshipTop 5 FinishMartin Laird40/140/1
17/09/2017BMW Championship1st Round LeaderMartin Laird125/1125/1
17/09/2017BMW ChampionshipTop 10 FinishMartin Laird20/120/1
17/09/2017BMW ChampionshipTop 20 FinishMartin Laird6/16/1
16/09/2017Murray vs Laird - BMW Championship R 32 BallsMartin Laird11/1011/10
15/09/2017BMW Championship R 2 Laird/ Schniederjans/ McIlroy3 BallsMartin Laird14/514/5
14/09/2017BMW Championship R 1 Laird/ Schniederjans/ McIlroy3 BallsMartin Laird11/411/4
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird225/1225/1
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird14/116/1
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTop EuropeanMartin Laird28/128/1
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTop 5 FinishMartin Laird35/135/1
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTop ScotsmanMartin Laird8/1110/11
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTop 10 FinishMartin Laird16/116/1
04/09/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipTop 20 FinishMartin Laird6/16/1
04/09/2017Dell Technologies Championship1st Round LeaderMartin Laird125/1125/1
02/09/2017Dell Technologies Championship R 2 Smith/ Laird/ Johnson3 BallsMartin Laird13/813/8
01/09/2017Dell Technologies Championship R 1 Smith/ Laird/ Johnson3 BallsMartin Laird2/12/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust OpenTo Win OutrightMartin Laird225/1225/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust OpenTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird20/120/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust OpenTop EuropeanMartin Laird35/135/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust OpenTop 5 FinishMartin Laird40/140/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust OpenTop 10 FinishMartin Laird18/118/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust Open1st Round LeaderMartin Laird150/1150/1
27/08/2017Northern Trust OpenTop 20 FinishMartin Laird8/18/1
27/08/2017Laird vs Stenson - Northern Trust Open R 42 BallsMartin Laird7/47/4
27/08/2017Northern Trust Open R 4 - David Lingmerth vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird10/1110/11
26/08/2017Laird vs Perez - Northern Trust Open R 32 BallsMartin Laird11/1011/10
26/08/2017Northern Trust Open R 3 - Harold Varner vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird11/1011/10
25/08/2017Northern Trust Open R 2 Lee/ Laird/ Kraft3 BallsMartin Laird11/811/8
24/08/2017Northern Trust Open R 1 Lee/ Laird/ Kraft3 BallsMartin Laird13/813/8