Martin Laird Golf Betting Odds

Martin Laird Betting Market History and Betting on Martin Laird in Future Golf Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
28/08/2016The BarclaysTo Win OutrightMartin Laird200/1200/1
28/08/2016The BarclaysTop 5 FinishMartin Laird33/133/1
28/08/2016The BarclaysTop 10 FinishMartin Laird14/114/1
28/08/2016The Barclays1st Round LeaderMartin Laird125/1125/1
28/08/2016The BarclaysTop 20 FinishMartin Laird8/18/1
28/08/2016The BarclaysTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird22/122/1
28/08/2016The BarclaysTop EuropeanMartin Laird33/133/1
28/08/2016The BarclaysTop ScotsmanMartin Laird2/19/4
27/08/2016Laird vs Varner III - The Barclays R 32 BallsMartin Laird10/1110/11
27/08/2016The Barclays R 3 - Martin Laird vs Adam Hadwin18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird10/1110/11
27/08/2016Laird vs Varner - The Barclays R 32 BallsMartin Laird10/1110/11
25/08/2016The Barclays R 1 Harman/ Laird/ Swafford3 BallsMartin Laird7/47/4
21/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird70/170/1
21/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird10/310/3
21/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTop EuropeanMartin Laird8/18/1
21/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTop 5 FinishMartin Laird12/112/1
21/08/2016Wyndham Championship1st Round LeaderMartin Laird66/166/1
21/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTop 10 FinishMartin Laird6/16/1
21/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTop 20 FinishMartin Laird3/13/1
20/08/2016Laird vs Castro - Wyndham Championship R 32 BallsMartin Laird1/11/1
20/08/2016Wyndham Championship R 3 - Martin Laird vs Roberto Castro18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird20/2320/23
19/08/2016Wyndham Championship R 2 - Ryan Moore vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird6/56/5
19/08/2016Wyndham Championship R 2 Laird/ De Jonge / Castro3 BallsMartin Laird23/2023/20
18/08/2016Wyndham Championship R 1 Laird/ De Jonge / Castro3 BallsMartin Laird7/57/5
18/08/2016Wyndham Championship R 1 - Martin Laird vs Jerry Kelly18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird8/118/11
07/08/2016Leishman vs Laird - Travelers Championship R 42 BallsMartin Laird6/56/5
07/08/2016Travelers Championship R 4 - Padraig Harrington vs Martin Laird18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird10/1110/11
07/08/2016Harman vs Laird - Travelers Championship72 Hole MatchMartin Laird10/1110/11
07/08/2016Travelers Championship - Group E72 Hole GroupMartin Laird18/519/5
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird66/170/1
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTop 5 FinishMartin Laird12/112/1
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird13/213/2
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTop EuropeanMartin Laird12/112/1
07/08/2016Travelers Championship1st Round LeaderMartin Laird66/166/1
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTop 10 FinishMartin Laird13/213/2
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTop ScotsmanMartin Laird11/1011/10
07/08/2016Travelers ChampionshipTop 20 FinishMartin Laird11/411/4
06/08/2016Travelers Championship R 3 - Martin Laird vs Soren Kjeldsen18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird4/54/5
05/08/2016Travelers Championship R 2 - Martin Laird vs Russell Henley18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird1/11/1
24/07/2016Cejka vs Laird - Canadian Open R 42 BallsMartin Laird5/65/6
24/07/2016Canadian Open R 4 - Martin Laird vs Jhonattan Vegas18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird20/2320/23
24/07/2016Canadian OpenTo Win OutrightMartin Laird80/1125/1
24/07/2016Canadian OpenTop EuropeanMartin Laird11/211/2
24/07/2016Canadian OpenTop 5 FinishMartin Laird14/114/1
24/07/2016Canadian OpenTop GB and Ireland Martin Laird5/25/2
24/07/2016Canadian Open1st Round LeaderMartin Laird80/180/1
24/07/2016Canadian OpenTop 10 FinishMartin Laird15/215/2
24/07/2016Canadian OpenTop 20 FinishMartin Laird4/14/1
23/07/2016Canadian Open R 3 - Martin Laird vs Jhonattan Vegas18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird10/1110/11
23/07/2016Laird vs Vegas - Canadian Open R 32 BallsMartin Laird21/2021/20
17/07/2016Laird vs Martin - Barbasol Championship72 Hole MatchMartin Laird5/65/6
17/07/2016Barbasol Championship - Group A72 Hole GroupMartin Laird10/310/3
17/07/2016Barbasol ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird20/120/1
17/07/2016Barbasol ChampionshipTop 5 FinishMartin Laird4/19/2
17/07/2016Barbasol Championship1st Round LeaderMartin Laird33/133/1
17/07/2016Barbasol ChampionshipTop 10 FinishMartin Laird15/82/1
17/07/2016Barbasol ChampionshipTop 20 FinishMartin Laird11/1011/10
15/07/2016Barbasol Championship 2nd Round - ASix ShooterMartin Laird14/514/5
15/07/2016Barbasol Championship R 2 - Martin Laird vs Robert Garrigus18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird7/107/10
14/07/2016Barbasol Championship R 1 - Martin Laird vs Chad Campbell18 Hole Match-UpMartin Laird7/107/10
03/07/2016Woodland vs Laird - Barracuda Championship R 42 BallsMartin Laird13/1013/10
03/07/2016Barracuda Championship - Group B72 Hole GroupMartin Laird7/27/2
03/07/2016Barracuda ChampionshipTo Win OutrightMartin Laird33/135/1
03/07/2016Barracuda ChampionshipTop 5 FinishMartin Laird13/213/2
03/07/2016Barracuda Championship1st Round LeaderMartin Laird40/140/1
03/07/2016Barracuda ChampionshipTop 10 FinishMartin Laird7/27/2
03/07/2016Barracuda ChampionshipTop 20 FinishMartin Laird7/57/5
02/07/2016Laird vs Knost - Barracuda Championship R 32 BallsMartin Laird11/1011/10
30/06/2016Laird vs Reifers - Barracuda Championship72 Hole MatchMartin Laird10/1110/11
23/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalTo Win OutrightMartin Laird175/1175/1
23/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalTop 5 FinishMartin Laird30/130/1
23/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalTop 10 FinishMartin Laird14/114/1
23/06/2016Quicken Loans National1st Round LeaderMartin Laird125/1125/1
23/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalTop EuropeanMartin Laird9/29/2
23/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalTop 20 FinishMartin Laird5/15/1
12/06/2016FedEx St. Jude ClassicTo Win OutrightMartin Laird175/1175/1
12/06/2016FedEx St. Jude ClassicTop EuropeanMartin Laird10/114/1
12/06/2016FedEx St. Jude ClassicTop 5 FinishMartin Laird30/130/1
12/06/2016FedEx St. Jude ClassicTop 10 FinishMartin Laird14/114/1
12/06/2016FedEx St. Jude Classic1st Round LeaderMartin Laird125/1125/1
12/06/2016FedEx St. Jude ClassicTop 20 FinishMartin Laird13/213/2
29/05/2016Dean & DeLuca InvitationalTo Win OutrightMartin Laird175/1175/1
29/05/2016Dean & DeLuca InvitationalTop 5 FinishMartin Laird30/130/1
29/05/2016Dean & DeLuca InvitationalTop EuropeanMartin Laird11/211/2
29/05/2016Dean & DeLuca Invitational1st Round LeaderMartin Laird125/1125/1
29/05/2016Dean & DeLuca InvitationalTop 10 FinishMartin Laird14/114/1
29/05/2016Dean & DeLuca InvitationalTop 20 FinishMartin Laird11/211/2