Rory McIlroy Golf Betting Odds

Rory McIlroy Betting Market History and Betting on Rory McIlroy in Future Golf Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
18/11/2018Race to Dubai 2018To Win OutrightRory McIlroy13/82/1
23/09/2018PGA Money List 2017/2018To Win OutrightRory McIlroy7/114/1
12/08/20182018 PGA ChampionshipTo Win OutrightRory McIlroy10/110/1
22/07/20182018 Open ChampionshipTo Win OutrightRory McIlroy10/111/1
08/04/20182018 US MastersTo Win OutrightRory McIlroy15/29/1
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert ClassicTo Win OutrightRory McIlroy4/19/2
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert ClassicTop 5 FinishRory McIlroy21/2021/20
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic1st Round LeaderRory McIlroy10/110/1
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert ClassicTop 10 FinishRory McIlroy2/52/5
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert ClassicTop 20 FinishRory McIlroy1/51/5
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert ClassicTop GB and Ireland Rory McIlroy15/815/8
28/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic - Group A72 Hole GroupRory McIlroy8/513/8
28/01/2018McIlroy vs Garcia - Omega Dubai Desert Classic72 Hole MatchRory McIlroy4/67/10
26/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic R 2 Stenson/ McIlroy/ Garcia3 BallsRory McIlroy6/56/5
26/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic R 2 - Rory McIlroy vs Sergio Garcia18 Hole Match-UpRory McIlroy4/64/6
26/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic 2nd Round - BSix ShooterRory McIlroy12/512/5
25/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic R 1 - Rory McIlroy vs Henrik Stenson18 Hole Match-UpRory McIlroy8/118/11
25/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic R 1 Garcia/ Stenson/ McIlroy3 BallsRory McIlroy11/811/8
25/01/2018Omega Dubai Desert Classic 1st Round - ASix ShooterRory McIlroy11/411/4
21/01/2018Fitzpatrick vs McIlroy - Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 42 BallsRory McIlroy4/64/6
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 4 - Dustin Johnson vs Rory McIlroy18 Hole Match-UpRory McIlroy20/2120/21
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 4th Round - BSix ShooterRory McIlroy17/517/5
21/01/2018McIlroy vs Rose - Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship72 Hole MatchRory McIlroy5/610/11
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship - Group A72 Hole GroupRory McIlroy14/514/5
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipTo Win OutrightRory McIlroy9/215/2
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipTop GB and Ireland Rory McIlroy4/14/1
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipTop 5 FinishRory McIlroy7/47/4
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipTop 10 FinishRory McIlroy8/118/11
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipTop IrishRory McIlroy2/52/5
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship1st Round LeaderRory McIlroy14/114/1
21/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipTop 20 FinishRory McIlroy2/52/5
20/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 3 McIlroy/ Brazel/ Wiesberger3 BallsRory McIlroy8/118/11
20/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 3 - Dustin Johnson vs Rory McIlroy18 Hole Match-UpRory McIlroy1/11/1
20/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 3rd Round - ASix ShooterRory McIlroy7/27/2
19/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 2 Johnson/ McIlroy/ Fleetwood3 BallsRory McIlroy13/813/8
19/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 2nd Round - BSix ShooterRory McIlroy17/517/5
18/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 1 Johnson/ McIlroy/ Fleetwood3 BallsRory McIlroy7/47/4
18/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 1st Round - ASix ShooterRory McIlroy18/518/5
18/01/2018Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship R 1 - Justin Rose vs Rory McIlroy18 Hole Match-UpRory McIlroy10/1110/11
14/01/2018The BMW South African OpenTo Win OutrightRory McIlroy9/49/4
14/01/2018The BMW South African OpenTop 5 FinishRory McIlroy4/94/9
14/01/2018The BMW South African Open1st Round LeaderRory McIlroy5/15/1
14/01/2018The BMW South African OpenTop 10 FinishRory McIlroy1/61/6
14/01/2018The BMW South African OpenTop 20 FinishRory McIlroy1/121/12
12/01/2018The BMW South African Open 2nd Round - BSix ShooterRory McIlroy13/87/4
11/01/2018The BMW South African Open 1st Round - ASix ShooterRory McIlroy12/512/5