Andy Murray Tennis Betting Odds

Andy Murray Betting Market History and Betting on Andy Murray in Future Tennis Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
11/09/20182018 US OpenTo Win OutrightAndy Murray6/16/1
15/07/20182018 WimbledonTo Win OutrightAndy Murray4/15/1
10/06/20182018 French OpenTo Win OutrightAndy Murray7/115/2
28/01/20182018 Australian OpenTo Win OutrightAndy Murray2/17/2
15/10/2017ATP Shanghai 4th QuarterTo Win QuarterAndy Murray2/54/7
15/10/2017ATP ShanghaiTo Win OutrightAndy Murray5/611/4
15/10/2017ATP ShanghaiTo Reach the FinalAndy Murray1/15/4
08/10/2017ATP Beijing 1st QuarterTo Win QuarterAndy Murray1/42/7
08/10/2017ATP BeijingTo Win OutrightAndy Murray4/95/4
10/09/2017US Open 4th QuarterTo Win QuarterAndy Murray6/56/5
10/09/2017US OpenTo Win OutrightAndy Murray13/213/2
10/09/2017US OpenTo Reach the FinalAndy Murray9/49/4
10/09/20172017 US OpenTo Win OutrightAndy Murray2/17/1
29/08/2017Tennys Sandgren vs Andy MurrayTo Win MatchAndy Murray1/201/20
29/08/2017Tennys Sandgren vs Andy MurraySet BettingAndy Murray to win 3 - 09/19/1
29/08/2017Tennys Sandgren vs Andy MurrayFirst Set WinnerAndy Murray1/81/8
21/08/2017ATP Cincinnati 1st QuarterTo Win QuarterAndy Murray8/158/11
21/08/2017ATP CincinnatiTo Win OutrightAndy Murray8/119/4
21/08/2017ATP CincinnatiTo Reach the FinalAndy Murray1/210/11