Laura Robson Tennis Betting Odds

Laura Robson Betting Market History and Betting on Laura Robson in Future Tennis Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
10/06/20182018 French Open WomenTo Win OutrightLaura Robson500/1500/1
28/01/20182018 Australian Open WomenTo Win OutrightLaura Robson250/1500/1
26/11/2017WTA MumbaiTo Win OutrightLaura Robson33/150/1
20/11/2017Laura Robson vs Yanina WickmayerTo Win MatchLaura Robson9/410/3
20/11/2017Laura Robson vs Yanina WickmayerSet BettingLaura Robson to win 2 - 011/28/1
20/11/2017Laura Robson vs Yanina WickmayerFirst Set WinnerLaura Robson7/45/2