Tommy Robredo Tennis Betting Odds

Tommy Robredo Betting Market History and Betting on Tommy Robredo in Future Tennis Events

DateEventMarketParticipantShortestLongestBetting Trend
22/01/2018Maxime Janvier vs Tommy RobredoTo Win MatchTommy Robredo11/1011/10
22/01/2018Maxime Janvier vs Tommy RobredoSet BettingTommy Robredo to win 2 - 09/29/2
22/01/2018Maxime Janvier vs Tommy RobredoFirst Set WinnerTommy Robredo11/1011/10
16/01/2018Tommy Robredo vs Jan ChoinskiTo Win MatchTommy Robredo4/74/7
16/01/2018Tommy Robredo vs Jan ChoinskiSet BettingTommy Robredo to win 2 - 07/27/2
16/01/2018Tommy Robredo vs Jan ChoinskiFirst Set WinnerTommy Robredo8/138/13