ATP Miami - Final

ATP Miami - Final Betting Odds - Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer is favourite with Odds of 8/11 Betting on the ATP Miami - Final.
02 April 2017. 09:00 GMT +1 BST
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  • Name The Finalists

    Odds on ATP Miami - Final.
    The Betting Favourite is Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer at Odds of 8/11 with a Bet on Name The Finalists.

    BetOddsLongest OddsShortest OddsBetting Trend
    Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer8/116/18/11
    Nick Kyrgios & Rafael Nadal3/120/13/1
    Alexander Zverev & Rafael Nadal6/166/16/1
    Fabio Fognini & Roger Federer7/150/17/1
    Rafael Nadal & Tomas Berdych8/150/18/1
    Fabio Fognini & Nick Kyrgios20/120/120/1
    Alexander Zverev & Fabio Fognini33/133/133/1
    Fabio Fognini & Tomas Berdych50/150/150/1