Britain's Got Talent 2017

Britain's Got Talent 2017 Betting Odds - Missing People Choir is favourite with Odds of 9/4 Betting on the Britain's Got Talent 2017.
03 June 2017. 20:00 GMT +1 BST
Specials Betting Odds
  • To Win Outright

    Odds on Britain's Got Talent 2017.
    The Betting Favourite is Missing People Choir at Odds of 9/4 with a Bet on To Win Outright.

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    Market ends on Saturday 03 June 2017 at 20:00 UTC +1 Hour for British Summer Time.

    Bet on Britain's Got Talent 2017 Now

    BetOddsLongest OddsShortest OddsBetting Trend
    Missing People Choir9/44/19/4
    Sarah Ikumu10/37/13/1
    Leah Barniville6/16/111/2
    Tokio Myers10/114/19/1
    Kyle Tomlinson10/110/19/1
    Issy Simpson10/110/110/1
    Angelicus Celtis11/111/19/1
    Angara Contortion11/111/18/1
    The Pensionaires12/112/18/1
    Destiny Chukunyere12/112/112/1
    Harry Gardner14/114/18/1
    Matt Edwards16/125/116/1
    Daliso Chaponda16/116/110/1
    Jess Robinson16/120/111/1
    The Miss Treats20/120/19/1
    Josephine Lee20/120/112/1
    Christian Stoinev & Percy20/120/120/1
    Reuben Gray20/120/112/1
    Jonny Awsum20/120/112/1
    Just Us22/122/110/1
    Jamie Lee Harrison25/125/125/1
    Goa Lin & Xiu Lin25/125/112/1
    Grace & Ali28/128/122/1
    Martin & Faye33/133/133/1
    Allin Dance Crew33/133/133/1
    Sian Pattison33/133/116/1
    St Patricks Junior Choir40/140/114/1
    The New Generation50/150/150/1
    Coventry Dynamite66/166/166/1
    Tyrone & Mina66/166/150/1
    Perfect Pitch Creation66/166/140/1
    Annette & Yannick80/180/180/1
    Dizzy Twilight80/180/180/1
    Rare Species100/1100/1100/1
    London School of Bollywood100/1100/166/1
    The Boyz100/1100/180/1
    John Parnell100/1100/1100/1
    Mal Ford100/1100/150/1
    Tap Tastik100/1100/140/1
    Ryan Tracey100/1100/1100/1
    QT Crew100/1100/140/1
    Ned Woodman100/1100/166/1
    Charley Dyson100/1100/150/1
    Paws With Soul100/1100/180/1
    Niels Harder100/1100/133/1
    Adam Keeler100/1100/1100/1
    John & Brandon Pohlhammer100/1100/150/1
    IrShad Shaikh125/1125/1125/1
    Jay Wynn125/1125/1125/1
    Mahny & Robbie125/1125/1100/1
    Dan Graham200/1200/1200/1