Frost/Ryan v Burbidge/McMorrow

Frost/Ryan v Burbidge/McMorrow Betting Odds - Evie Burbidge & Elizabeth McMorrow is favourite with Odds of 2/5 Betting on the Frost/Ryan v Burbidge/McMorrow.
07 December 2017. 11:15 GMT +1 BST
Badminton Betting Odds
  • To Win Match

    Odds on Frost/Ryan v Burbidge/McMorrow.
    The Betting Favourite is Evie Burbidge & Elizabeth McMorrow at Odds of 2/5 with a Bet on To Win Match.

    BetOddsLongest OddsShortest OddsBetting Trend
    Kate Frost & Moya Ryan7/47/47/4
    Evie Burbidge & Elizabeth McMorrow2/52/52/5