Plunket Shield 2016/17

Plunket Shield 2016/17 Betting Odds - Northern Districts is favourite with Odds of 21/10 Betting on the Plunket Shield 2016/17.
28 March 2017. 21:30 GMT +1 BST
Cricket Betting Odds
  • To Win Outright

    Odds on Plunket Shield 2016/17.
    The Betting Favourite is Northern Districts at Odds of 21/10 with a Bet on To Win Outright.

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    Market ends on Tuesday 28 March 2017 at 21:30 UTC +1 Hour for British Summer Time.

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    BetOddsLongest OddsShortest OddsBetting Trend
    Northern Districts21/1021/1021/10
    Central Districts33/133/133/1